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They only demonstrate the type of people who pass ideological and social challenges of those times.All of them are weighed down with legacy and consequences of serfdom.

Anya - Ranevksy's biological daughter, Anya is seventeen years old. She greatly enjoys the company of Trofimov and his lofty idealism, and is quick to comfort her mother after the loss of her orchard.Yephikodov provides comic relief, with his self-conscious pose as the hopeless lover and romantic, often contemplating suicide. Yasha - Yasha is the young manservant who has been traveling with Ranevsky ever since she left for France.He is always complaining about how uncivilized Russia is when compared to France, exploits Dunyasha's love for him for physical pleasure, and openly tells Firs that he is so old he should die. She functions mainly as a foil to Yasha, her innocent naïveté and love for him emphasizing and making clear his cynicism and selfishness.Varya - Varya is Ranevksy's adopted daughter, who is twenty-four years old.She is in love with Lopakhin, but she doubts that he will ever propose to her.

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The cherry orchard plays a fundamental role as a symbol of changes in Russian society.