Calculating dates in exce dating consolidating balance sheets template

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Dates and times are two of the most common data types people work with in Excel, but they are also possibly the most frustrating to work with, especially if you are new to Excel and still learning.

Monday, September 2nd is Labor Day, so let’s include that as a holiday: Returns am ( hours) on August 30, 2013, or 41516. INTL works just like WORKDAY, but it adds the ability to customize the definition of the “weekend”. INTL is as follows: input has the following options: Now we know how define dates, but we still need to be able to work with them.

These are date serial numbers provided in an array bounded by brackets: .

To specify multiple holidays, the dates must be held in cells – it is not possible to put multiple DATE functions in an array.

The source of most of the confusion around dates and times in Excel comes from the way that the program stores the information.

You’d expect it to remember the month, the day, and the year for dates, but that’s not how it works…

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A similar function called NOW always returns the current date and time’s serial number.