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C d m o o partydating69 t

**** Since the end of May, 1940, this officer has continued to lead his flight and, on many occasions the squadron, in numerous successful engagements against the enemy. In addition, during one month the Unit achieved top place in every subject in the Group Order of Merit.During the Dunkirk operations he shot down three enemy aircraft and assisted in destroying a further three. This outstanding improvement has been largely the result of Wing Commander Miller’s self-sacrificing efforts and devotion to duty.He saw action during the retreat through France and in the Battle of Britain, where on 7 September his Hurricane, P3863, was badly damaged, obliging him to force-land, sustaining slight injuries. *** This officer has been employed as Group flying instructor at this unit [HQ 91 Group RAF] since November, 1943.In November 1940 he accompanied the unit aboard HMS Furious to West Africa, and thence across the continent to Egypt. Previously, as a flying instructor and flight commander he did outstanding work in No 22 OTU.Son (with three sisters and one brother) of Ewan Alan Mac Dougall (1874-1916), and Maude Kate Harriett Greenin (1875-1951).Married (, St Luke's Church, Haifa, Palestine) ...; ... ).* This flight commander has carried out many operational sweeps over enemy territory. The Beaufort was then shot down by Messerschmitts Bf109 of 4./Jagdgeschwader 77 into Sogne Fjord.In the face of considerable light anti-aircraft fire, Squadron Leader Mann executed a most successful run over the target and secured excellent results. This officer has completed a large number of sorties and has invariably displayed a high degree of determination and devotion to duty. Durham / Tyne and Wear) Beatrice Mary Hagel ( - ), daughter (with two sisters and one brother) of Henry Hagel (1879-1948), and Margaret Alice Gray (1879-1956); one son, one daughter.* This airman has displayed outstanding skill, courage and devotion to duty whilst engaged on active operations against the enemy. On a recent occasion he took off to engage the enemy whilst a fierce ground attack was being made against the aerodrome. On one occasion, he completed an operation over Turin in almost impossible weather conditions.

Commissioned in August 1941 whilst on non-operational duties, he was posted to 250 Squadron in April 1942, where he quickly became a flight commander. ***** For meritorious service with 22 OTU, 91 Group RAF (Wellington), as an Actg Sqn Ldr. ).* Flying Officer Milne has personally destroyed seven enemy aircraft, and seriously damaged a number of others. His leadership has been characterised by dash and good judgment.* For conspicuous gallantry and skill.Niven, of Marden Grange, Devizes, Wiltshire [she remarried Lt. Alastair Stevenson Pearson, The Parachute Regiment]; two daughters.[His Blenheim L8792 "A" had taken off from Thorney Island and failed to return from an attack on Cherbourg; for details see Kent Fallen (under P/O D. In November, 1942, in a raid on Bizerta docks, Squadron Leader Morton had to attack from an extremely low level owing to thick cloud over the target area.In spite of heavy opposing fire he pressed home his mission and all his bombs fell on important objectives.He has personally shot down two enemy aircraft and possibly three others. Promoted Wing Commander (Technical) (E) 14 January, 1944 and in 1946 Air Force List shown as Group Captain O. During this time the Training Wing has been completely re-organised and has changed its record within [93] Group from being the Station which had sustained the greatest number of flying accidents per hour flown, to the Station with the fewest number of accidents per hour flown.Flight Lieutenant Malan has displayed great skill, courage and relentless determination in his attacks on the enemy. For the first three months of the year no less than 6,800 hours per accident were flown which was in itself a very notable achievement.

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Recently the wing has scored heavily against the enemy with 42 hostile aircraft destroyed, a further 15 probably destroyed and 11 damaged. Wing Commander Mc Connell has completed three tours of operational duty and has proved himself an excellent officer and commander, both on the ground and in the air. While flying over Gent (Belgium) an engine caught fire, and Meigh sent a message saying he was making for Abbeville (France), but this was quickly followed by a second signal indicating the crew were bailing out.