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Rachel was supposed to be in the hospital for five days. She developed pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome, and was put on a ventilator with a tube down her throat.

But some argue that online dating is rife with sexism, racism, and misogyny, and that dating apps ultimately create a culture that prioritizes sex over committed and lasting love.What about the late 1940s, when the automobile became very popular and we suddenly had rolling bedrooms?"Helen Fisher argues, “The vast majority of people on the internet, even on Tinder, are looking for a long-term committed relationship …Will people ever be satisfied with a sexual or even emotional commitment to one person? Can men and women ever find true intimacy in a world where communication is mediated by screens; or trust, when they know their partner has an array of other, easily accessible options?”"There is, of course, nothing wrong with dating someone who checks the same boxes as you do.

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But are dating apps really designed to promote long-lasting romance?