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Butch for femme dating

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The hit Netflix show introduced a hard butch in 2013 that was (and is) perhaps the first of her kind on screen.

As with many LGBTQ terms, there are ongoing debates about who gets to use and claim the word “butch” to describe themselves.

Check out the full video, and the script below, to learn more about how the word has evolved over time.

While butches among gay men are often seen as desirable, they were also viewed with suspicion as hiding their gay identities.

A landmark novel for butch lesbian representation was Leslie Feinberg’s , published in 1993, about a working-class butch lesbian who comes of age in bars, faces homophobic violence, and explores the territory between butch and trans identity.

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Women in same-sex relationships at this time didn’t use the word “lesbian” to describe themselves.