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If you’ve decided not to limit your teen when it comes to dating, there are some specific ways you encourage them to date responsibly.

Tyler enjoys going to the mountains near his home in Draper, Utah to connect with his wife and children through camping, hiking, and quality time together.

Teen dating allows them to do that in a setting where you can help mitigate the consequences when the relationship ends.

Teen romances, fickle as they may be, add a layer of richness and happiness to their lives.

Teen DV Month includes Respect Week, February 13-17, and Wear Orange Day on February 14.

For teen books that address dating abuse, here is a list of recommended titles: Teen Dating Violence.

When he isn’t rebooting in the outdoors, he shares his fatherly experiences with the world through writing and creative designs.

Before long, your teen starts developing romantic interests and crushes.

You want your teen to develop healthy relationships and learn the appropriate social boundaries that come with dating, but you also want to shield them from the heartbreak and mistakes that young love brings.

You find yourself trying to balance setting rules vs.

And yet, violence in teen relationships is more common than many people believe. It’s incredibly important that teens have the resources and knowledge they need to set boundaries, recognize the warning signs of abuse, and form healthy relationships.

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (Teen DV Month), a national effort to raise awareness about healthy relationships and dating abuse.

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