Bi sex films

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Bi sex films

Games are a symbol throughout, even inviting the audience to play along and unravel its mysteries (Why’s name is a gift for film studies tutors).

The B in LGBT is not explored in cinema as much as the L, the G and, latterly, the T. Bisexual men and bisexual women are depicted very differently in cinema.Frustrated to the point of madness through being away from his wife, he gives in to temptation and sleeps with a fellow prisoner, who falls in love with him.Although nominally a rallying cry for prison reform, the film’s depiction of Franz’s sexuality, though ultimately tragic, is moving and heartfelt.His final howl to camera is a disquieting finale to a highly provocative film.A landmark film, this, as it was the first British film to show two men kissing.

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Although Cabaret has become a key gay text, its fanboys and fangirls tend to deify the performances of Liza Minnelli as singer Sally Bowles and Joel Grey as the sexually ambiguous master of ceremonies. But the best, albeit far less showy, acting comes from Michael York as the bisexual writer (based on Christopher Isherwood, who penned the memoir upon which the musical is based) who moves to Berlin to complete a doctorate, but falls in with Minnelli’s glamorous cabaret singer.

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