Benefits of dating as a teenager

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Benefits of dating as a teenager

We’re not saying your sons and daughters will never experience heartbreak. We’re not saying your big-hearted kid shouldn’t go out of their way to help their friends, and at times put the need of others ahead of their own.

That’s an admirable quality to cultivate, but never at the cost of compromising their integrity and self-worth or ignoring their innate sense of what’s right and wrong.

If and when they do start dating, however, it’s important they understand the basic notions of boundaries and respect at their most fundamental, non-dating levels, then learn how these ideas play out in the wide, wonderful (terrifying for parents) world of relationships and dating.

The parent resource website Ten to Twenty Parenting offers great advice on the role of respect in romantic relationships. Inside all that, though, a romantic relationship should be something that enriches life and adds love and joy rather than stress and negativity.

Remind them that compromise in a relationship does not mean they compromise on non-negotiables such as emotional, physical, and digital boundaries. Compromise means coming to a mutual decision on what movie to go see, where to sit at lunch, or what time to meet at the mall – not shifting their reasoned decisions on important matters or abandoning their personal values and ideals. Love and romance at any age can be confusing and chaotic, for that matter. There are, however, certain behaviors that constitute genuine red flags, and indicate that a relationship – or one person’s approach to a relationship – is dysfunctional and potentially toxic.

Notice that in the twelve-year span between 19, the percentages dropped about 0.4% per year.

Then in the two-year span between 20, they rate of decrease doubled to about 0.8% a year.

We’ll use information from Ten to Twenty Parenting as a guide once more.

Not just because they’re marketing tag line is funny “Ten to Twenty – It’s an Age, Not a Sentence” but because they’re spot-on..

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