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Posted by / 23-Nov-2020 16:51

I've been doing the OLD thing on and off for 3 years, more off than on, as of late.

I've been on a variety of apps during this time (Ok Cupid, POF, bumble, the league and now tinder) and the only consensus I have in all of my experience is that a large majority of men are very sexually forward as soon as we exchange numbers.

I'll talk about sex freely once I'm in some sort of relationship, and I've got no problems discussing sex with close friends.It’s not a requirement to ask before kissing me, but it is a total plus. I really love when guys take the time to do the same thing.I’m seeing a guy now who always looks totally dapper on our dates.This move signals to me that he’s thoughtful and caring.I know some women get offended by this gesture because they feel like they can open their own door. The guy knows I can open my own door, he just wants to make it easier for me. I recently had a first date where we were going to a location right near my house.

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I love being asked on a date and having the other person actually call it that!

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