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Azdg dating egypt or usa

Ellen Lloyd - Ancient - Can the nearly 7,000-year-old Gradeshnitsa Tablets offer evidence of one of the world’s oldest human writing?

In time the cultures expanded, and their settlements grew in in size and number.

Though they lived a nomadic lifestyle, these people possessed good knowledge of metallurgical technology and they left behind some remarkable ancient artifacts offering evidence of their skills.

According to scientists the Chalcolithic civilization of Southeast Europe was connected with people living in other parts of the continent and the rest of the Old World.

The mysterious Vinca culture that is today famous for creating outstanding figurines and a script scholars still struggle to decipher flourished from about 6000 BC to 3000 B. The Vinca was by no means a primitive ancient culture.

Some of the largest Vinca sites in the 5th millennium were larger than most Minoan and Mycenaean sites!

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