Asp net objectdatasource onupdating

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Asp net objectdatasource onupdating

For example, if your objectdatasource had a method update Customer(Byval c as customer) and your gridview had fields forename and surname and add1 and postcode, would the objectdatasource know to map fore... Notice the Item Type is set, rather than using Eval(). How to link my objectdatasource object to other objects? NET Web Forms Dynamic Data Field Templates for Db Geography Spatial Types... We're also using Select Method rather than an Object Data Source. Runnable code for JQuery, Codeigniter, Node JS, PHP, Python and more - Runnable Runnable code for dart-vm, express, paypal, google, evernote, everyauth, ejs, rendr, Cake PHP, php-mysql, php-facebook, codeigniter, imagemagick, ... How do I programmatically add this field to the Details View fields collection at ...objectdatasource and business objects with object properties Hi Lets say i have a business object called Customer which has a property called Address which is itself and object of type Address (in this sense there is a one-to-one relationship between Customer and Address). Object Data Source - Selectcount method with custom parameters and custom paging.protected void obds_Selecting(object sender, Object Data Source Selecting Event Args e) { if (! Lets say customer has properties forename and surname and Address has properties add1 and postcode Could you use an objectdatasource to perform updates on a customer object? To run an update you need to have a method on your object that takes userid, name and surname, your object must support either an empty constructor or the method must be static.Then simply have a boundfield on your detailsview with visible=false on it and everything should work properly.Object reference not set to an instance of an Page_Load(Object sender, Event Args e) of User Control Hello, I have a web application written in ASP. This site is framed on a UNIX server thru a simple HTML page with frameset.

as I was browsing through the posts related to the detailsview I couldn't find someone with the problem I'm facing so I decided to post here...well, I was able to bound an object datasource into my gridview and detailsview, it deletes and shows the data very well, BUT inside the object, there's another object, for example, I have bound a class called Province and inside the Province class there's the Country class indicating the data from the related country, to edit and/or insert I have placed a drop down list so the user selects the country from a drop down list, everything seems ... thanks Details View I have an array of user defined objects with public properties.

How to add field to detailsview at runtime based on objectdatasource object type? The ODS Select Method returns a base class of type "Member" but actually returns one of two derived classes.

I am displaying a subset of the total properties exposed by Member having declared the fields in the ASP page.

That is something we are looking at for version 3.0. Hi I'm trying to update data in a detailsview by using a objectdatasource with an object as argument of the Update Method.

But without success: (ERROR message)Could not find a property named 'cn Contact ID' on the type specified by the Data Object Type Name property in Object Data Source 'ods Contact'.

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