Asp net grid rowupdating

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Because from the suggested sites that Vinz gave me, i found that datatable/dataset wasnt in used. Query String("student ID") Dim str Subject Code As String = Request.

Text This is a class attendance taking system, i want the lecturer to be able to edit student's attendance record in case there was a mistake. Command Text = "Select Taken Date, Status FROM " & str Table Name & " WHERE Student [email protected] ID AND Subject [email protected] Code AND [email protected]" With command.

Data Bind() End Sub Protected Sub GV_Student Record_Row Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

Row Updating Dim conn String As String = Configuration Manager. Connection String Dim e Date, e Status As String Dim str Table Name As String = LBSubject Code.

NET or vise versa: Dear Shailesh soni thank you for your prompt reply. May i no what is that and how to define it (like where should it be define, in page load or any of the 3 events) Thank you.

You can use the online code converter below to convert it to VB.

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