Are troy and gabriella dating carbon 14 dating maximum age

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Are troy and gabriella dating

She got up carefully and went to the kitchen to make coffee.Ten minutes later, Gabriella returned to the bedroom with two coffee cups in her hands. Gabriella got back into bed and kissed Troy passionately on the lips."Mmmmm... Don't do this" Troy said as he turned over."You know, you want to" Gabriella said as she kissed him again." Gabriella suggested as Troy lifted her onto the counter."That sounds perfect" Troy said as he leaned into kiss Gabriella's lips."What are we doing for dinner? Gabriella put the pasta and sauce on two plates and brought them to the table and sat down."This is really good, babe" Troy said as he spiraled his fork with pasta and put it in his mouth."Thanks, Troy" Gabriella said as she finished her meal." Troy asked Gabriella as he moved a stray hair from her eyes."I am going to make pasta. " Gabriella asked Troy as he put his arms around her waist."Yeah, that's fine" Troy said as he put Gabriella back on the ground. Both of them walked back to the kitchen and rinsed their plates and put them in the dishwasher.

Troy walked into the house and found Gabriella reading a book on the couch.

It only leads to me getting hurt....." I get up and stop as I'm about to leave "Let me know when you stop waiting for yesterday."A One Chapter Story about a Girl name Gabriella Montez getting her first kiss at a guy she hates Troy Bolton house.

" Gabriella has been with Troy for a year and half but he doesn't treat her right. What Gabriella tells him shocks him to the core.... I don't know that yet and well until I learn that I can't believe you.

I am sorry for not respecting that, again" Gabriella said kissing his lips one final time.

Gabriella and Troy both got up and got ready for the day.

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They both watched and Gabriella cried through the last half.