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------------------------- From: Roy Beck, President, Numbers USA Date: Wednesday 1MAR06 p.m.EST Day 3-----Media confirm your calls/faxes making a difference in fighting Specter's amnesty YOUR CONTINUED PHONE CALLS AND FAXES ARE BRINGING PAIN TO SENATORS WHO WANTED TO PASS AN AMNESTY NEWS ITEM "Despite the breadth of interest groups advocating an expanded guest-worker program, the enforcement-only crowd makes considerably more noise on Capitol Hill, if the flood of mail, e-mail and phone calls to member offices is any indication." The power of what you are doing has been confirmed in a big story in The Hill newspaper."Battling with groups like Numbers USA is an uncommon experience for many members of the business community because they do not regularly work on such socially sensitive topics."We don't usually end up on the other side of single-issue groups," Gay said.Sad to hear about 15,000 people with their futures undecided.I also heard that many doctors are leaving US as they are unable to find a residency program.If they open the gate for EB2 now, lots of 485 application may come in and there may not be spill over to EB3. As long as the community is scared - wants to lie low and not want to rise - we will still be in this situation.IV HAS PROVIDED AN EXCELLENT PLATFORM FOR ALL THE PEOPLE TO COME FORWARD.

Thanks peer123 h_govt/articleshow/1586856Anybody thinking of trying a lawsuit in US should better think again. It will only aggravate the average Americans and you will lose whatever little support we have from moderates. We must try Gandhian approach of appealing to their innate sense of justice.The AFL-CIO -- which is selling out its tradition and its American members by pushing an amnesty -- has come out against Specter's and Mc Cain's amnesty bills because they have gigantic foreign guestworker programs.That gives hope that some Democratic Senators would vote against these bills.sledge hammer: can you explain if the new labors being cleared in the BEC centers (approximately 150K are still pending) are from 2001-2003? Anyways, I hope we all continue to move :)Hi, My current EAD will expire in September 2008. Can I transfer to Company B during this renewal process?In 2003, there should be a demand of 23% of 300K (couting spouses)=69K. Thanks AK I do not beleive that EAD is company specific, it is yours like a green card, they will not ask anything whilre renewing green card.

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With the Senate Judiciary Committee prepared to start tomorrow (Thursday) voting on amendments to the giant amnesty bill of its chairman, Sen.

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