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Anotherfriend dating site

" Davidson posted on Facebook when she announced the engagement on social media. Now Chevalier sits in a California jail, awaiting extradition back to Massachusetts to face charges he strangled Davidson last weekend, hid her body in the basement of her North Andover home, then fled to California."She knew about his past," one of Davidson's close friends told Patch.In late March or early April, the friend said, Davidson tried to cool things off with Chevalier and called off the engagement.Chevalier changed his relationship status to "single" on Facebook, but Davidson kept her relationship status listed as "engaged" on Facebook.He beat her and sexually assaulted her and threatened to kill her. At one point he told his then 33-year-old victim he was going to kill her and hide her body in a freezer in her basement.

Her body was found by a neighbor in the basement at 50 Lincoln Street. The brother, who also lives in the house, called police at pm last Saturday. A hearing is scheduled for Monday in an Imperial County, CA, court at which time investigators expect to learn whether Chevalier will waive extradition back to Massachusetts to face murder charges.

She had two sons and posted a message that would be familiar to any parent who has proudly shared a child's college decision on Facebook.

Chevalier opened his Facebook account around the time the couple got engaged.

NORTH ANDOVER, MA -- Not long after he was released from a New Hampshire prison in December, Brian Chevalier posted a profile on Zoosk, an online dating site. H., didn't post many details, only to say he had attended college, he was Christian, he did not smoke, he was 5 foot 7 inches, and had an average build. When a friend commented on the post that Davidson and Chevalier "move fast," she wrote "When you both know, then you know! " another friend asked in the comments of the post. The crime he is accused of has gruesome parallels to the details from a December 2003 incident in which Chevalier tortured and threatened to kill an ex-girlfriend.

Shortly after he joined Zoosk, he began exchanging messages with 49-year-old Wendi Davidson of North Andover. Chevalier was convicted of kidnapping in 2004 and served 14 years of a 33-year sentence before being paroled last year.

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After 21 hours, Chevalier forced the woman to drive him back to his car and begged her to not call the police.

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  1. Last year, we talked about some of the perks of online dating for truckers and a lot of our readers’ comments demonstrated just how hard it is to find a good relationships when you’re on the road. Why is it that, in the trucking industry, the same people that are able to keep the entire country going are not able to keep their relationships going, or have trouble finding a partner at all?