Anglo indian dating

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Anglo indian dating

The workmanship was however more than commensurable to the value of the materials. But don’t fret, I’m here to share a small part of Anglo-Indian history with you, tracing my family’s history for the past 100 years through found documents and photographs.This Association hopes to increase awareness of WHO WE ARE.Gorgeous 19th century Anglo-Indian double tea caddy from circa 1880.Anglo-Indians were raised in a western culture which evolved in to being quite unique to this Community.Today the Anglo-Indians are spread over many continents.

It is edged in faux ivory, ebony and sadeli mosaic.British women, who were considered useless after a certain age (during this time it was the mid-twenties) were shipped off to India to mate with the British officers.Unfortunately very few made the voyage so the soldiers were encouraged to marry Indian women.The 50’s and 60’s saw a steady stream seeking better job prospects and after independence in 1947 many left for Australia, Canada, the US and mostly Great Britain.It is thought in the past several years perhaps only as few as 200K remain in India and Pakistan.

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The British Parliament described Anglo-Indians as those having been English educated and European in their habits, feelings, dress, and language. Neither the Brits or the Anglo Indians made any attempt at appreciating Indian, art, music, dance, or film.

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