Amy sex chat

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Amy sex chat

Again, the social media campaigns are big in encouraging engagement as they get people talking while helping to funnel listeners into multiple mediums.We also read reviews and testimonials on-air, inspiring folks to send in more reviews. We personally hand pick our sponsors as it’s important for us to love the products we represent.I’m wondering if that was with me as well.” I felt my heart racing, but again owned it: “Yes, that happened during our relationship.” He then followed with another question: “You also said that right before you ended the relationship with the person who was not intellectually and/or emotionally intelligent enough for you that you actually cheated on them towards the end of the relationship, and I’m wondering if that was with me.” Again, I owned it: “Yes, I did that right before ending our relationship.” I stayed calm and clear and followed — not with excuses or justifications — but with complete accountability.I said that I know this was out of integrity with what we had committed to, and I take full responsibility for not acting as my highest self.April Lampert is the VP of Hot Octopuss and sex toy you so much for doing this with us!Can you tell us a story about why you got started as a podcaster?

We just released out 106th episode (not including the bonus episodes). Our podcast is playful and informative and it allows the listeners to feel like they are sitting in the room drinking a glass of wine with us while joining in on the conversation. Can you share lessons from your experience becoming a Podcast Center of Influence?The conversation could have been a complete disaster, and yet my choice to take complete ownership allowed us to navigate it lovingly. Instead I learned about the power of accountability and the importance of staying in integrity with my word — especially when much of what I say is on the air for the entire world to hear.How long have you been podcasting and how many shows have you aired?Potential guests must send us links to previous podcasts or other audio/video presentations so that we can listen to make sure they are a skilled public speaker.If they sound like a great asset to our show but do not have prior public speaking experience then our intern is required to have a phone conversation with them to get a feel for how they speak.

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By sharing our own challenges and vulnerability we inspire others to do the same. Amy Baldwin is a Sex and Relationship Coach, Certified Sex Educator, and lead educator for Uberlube.