American desi dating mallu dating

Posted by / 13-Jun-2020 10:23

Self-loathing and desperation is not a good look, no matter what race or gender.Sure, you can cite OKC data and use that as a crutch.One has a pilot’s license and flies planes as a hobby. We all do some kind of community service or volunteer work.I think we’re all great fucking catches, for the right guys. Only has seriously dated a non-desi guy in the past (remember we’re mid-30s).Think of the type of desi woman that might be on Ok C (versus or other matrimonial sites).

I think desis have a problem with what we want in our partner.

I know a lot of desi girls looking specifically for desi guys.

Case in point: I just had dinner with a group of five of desi girls, some of my friends, some friends of friends, and we all happened to be single at the same time.

Some seem too desperate to get married and don’t want to spend a few months dating before making a commitment.

Some of the ones that do want to get married have sort of boring, inactive lives, and not much to talk about outside of their profession— it’s like they’re content with just being desi and successful career-wise, with not much else to bring to the table.

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