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The scam was sophisticated and clever, designed to target my vulnerable points.

I don’t feel foolish because I understand exactly how it happened,’ – she said to Daily Mail.

Judith offered help on her own — and it was a mistake.

‘I think of myself as an intelligent, caring person.

However, you should not think that middle-aged women are the main victims.

Monica has acquired much experience working with the victims of romance frauds.

He called Judith several times and was going to “meet” her in person when his father died and his house was ransacked.

He never asked for money directly — just explained the situation.

– ‘If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.

And if my story can help just one person avoid falling into the same trap, then it’s worth telling.’ You can read the full story of Judith Lathlean in this article on Daily Mail.

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You scroll through profiles on a dating site and you see a nice girl who you might like to date. But behind the guise of that girl there is no actual girl, but a beardy cybercriminal that only wanted to get your phone number in order to scam you.