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Practically every month you can find me at a show, and there are several recent shows I have been to of late, D' Angelo, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, but none of them scorch like Alice Smith, who blows a ring of charismatic fire across the stage, from the second she graces the stage, until the last sliver of her dress disappears into the stage left exit.

Even having seen her seven times in concert, she managed to thoroughly impress me and leave me stuttering with gaped mouthed awe after the show was through. They were here to show the hometown Goddess, who was born and raised in DC some incredible love.

Their harmonies gave a push and pull to complement Alice's voice, which is always at its finest as it wavers between raw grittiness, and pure operate flourishes.

While this wall of sound was going on, she treated us to her unusual, and spirited rhythms which made her a force that you could not take your eyes off of, but when she opens her mouth, and that voice comes out full throttle, it is a wonder tantamount to first listening to Niagara Falls.

If the performance were judged by just presentation alone, she would win the top prize.

But then, this Goddess went to open her mouth, and a hush ran over the crowd which had been previously cheering.

She is an amazingly rare talent and vocal in an incredibly adorable and charismatic package and we are so much richer for being her fans....

If she plays any city near you, you absolutely must go see her. The Alice Smith Show- An Experience of a Lifetime Club - Washington DCAn Alice Smith show is always an event. Each show is different even if they occur in the same week.

New Broadway Season Includes Top Tony Award Winners and Contenders The Smith Center spared no energy in choosing the productions for its 2019-2020 Broadway season.

Scrutinizing the year’s hit shows to thrill a broad range of audiences, the center's executives personally took in a wide array of Broadway productions to “cherry pick the best,” says Paul Beard, vice president and COO.

City Winery - New York City Alice Smith at city winery was another amazing show.

Date and place of birth have also been (erroneously? Her brother John was Anglican Bishop of Winchester. ) reported to be 1583 in Wrington, Somerset (now North Somerset), England.

I have tried and I have not succeeded." Alice Smith is attempting to answer the question, dreaded by most musicians, of how she would describe her sound. That's the kind of music it is."Smith can be hard to pin down. But Smith left Epic Records after her sophomore album was shelved.

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Alice floated out to the stage, and as usual you heard her before you saw her.

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