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Star dunes are formed when sand is transported from variable wind directions, whereas barchan dunes form in a single dominant wind regime.Occasional precipitation fills basins formed by the dunes; as the water evaporates, salt deposits are left behind which appear as bluish-white areas. What look like pale yellow paint streaks slashing through a mosaic of mottled colors are ridges of wind-blown sand that make up Erg Iguidi, an area of ever-shifting sand dunes extending from Algeria into Mauritania.His election would have been a foregone conclusion as elections in Algeria are neither free nor fair.With unemployment affecting at least a quarter of Algeria’s youth, a government budget two-thirds dependent on oil and gas revenues and vulnerable to oil-price fluctuations, and rising anger over Mr.You can talk with other people of your age about your passions, favorites and other stuff.You find out for yourself how fun using Crush Zone could be. Crush Zone is totally free and offers mobile friendly interface (instead of mobile app) so you don't have to download anything.This information is shared with social media services, sponsorship, analytics and other third-party service providers. ALGIERS — Tens of thousands of Algerians packed the streets of the capital on Friday in the largest protest yet against the rule of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, a clear sign that they had rejected as insufficient his offer not to seek a fifth term as president.“This wasn’t even a proposal,” said Chafika Kherici, a 42-year-old chemist who was there with her sister and nephew, along with thousands of others in front of the city’s historic main post office. We want to be free, and we want the government to leave.”“Anyway it’s not even a government, it’s a clan,” said Ms. For a fourth straight week, the crowd chanted over and over that Mr. They had filled the streets even before the end of Friday prayers, the most important of the week.

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Ergs are vast areas of moving sand with little to no vegetation cover.

The most common landforms in the image are star dunes and barchan (or crescent) dunes.

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Rows of impassive police officers stood by as the crowds surged through the streets of shabby, dust-covered buildings downtown.