Ag dating

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Ag dating

Some bars were issued in paperweight form, also pictured. Produced in 1981 and very similar to previous variety, above.The reverse is blank without border and the obverse was changed slightly [1 TROY OUNCE] was centered and the Maple Leaf Logo was redesigned on some examples.Please see our entry for the second variety of IMPEX 1oz silver art bar that demonstrates the IMPEX hallmark repeated diagonally on the reverse. Others have the revised logo with the shorter left/right sides and more space between the letters.The example pictured demonstrates a coarse frosted reverse and not typically observed with engraving.These are similar to the above variety, except the Canadian ‘Bull’ Hallmark is now present. troy’ was removed, and some of the fonts appear to have changed slightly.This particular variety demonstrates an ‘A’ serial prefix, likely a prototype piece.Produced in 1986, a proof-like variation of our example listed above.Originally issued in a boxed set with proof-like 1986 American Prospector round, pictured below.

This variety has a dot in the center of the bull logo.

Please see our entry for the first variety of IMPEX 1oz silver art bar that demonstrates a different reverse stamping. The series appears to have ceased production in the middle of the ‘FB’ serial numbers.

This variety lacks the two-letter prefix as seen on the entry above, and has a 6 digit serial number that we believe corresponds to the Canadian run shared with 1 oz Maples and larger sized ingots.

With total production at a relatively limited 4 million units, 1oz Engelhard bars are the ideal choice for investors looking to secure desirable hallmark bullion as well as a collectible piece of Engelhard history.

While 4 million units over a span of two decades may seem like healthy production, it is important to note the ‘ultra rare’ 1996 US Silver Eagle had a production run of just over 3.6 million rounds in its most limited production year, currently commanding upward of 3x spot price.

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Note that this variety lacks the traditional Canadian ‘Bull’ Hallmark.

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