Advantages of dating an ugly guy

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So partnering with a man who’s not obsessed with his body might make a woman feel a little more secure about her own.

All you gotta do is snuggle up with us – and ooh – warmth… 😉 And of course, there’s no bones about it – your bone’s gonna get some meat and how. Second, the body slamming can be dished out and we can sure as hell take it. Don’t believe me, watch your biceps flex and pump next time!

via @millionairedatingsite._ It's super important for a guy to socially re-fuel before getting into a new relationship so as not to resent his future girlfriend for monopolizing his precious bro-time.

Because she will make sure that this will most definitely happen.

Relationships possess an insane power to suck us into these whirling vortexes of couch hangs, pillow talk, bad takeout, cozy sweatpants and long nights of TV binging - until we get so deep, that we may even lose touch with our true selves.

That's why breakups from long-term relationships can be so jarring.

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I know this may come as a shock because stereotypically we imagine single dudes as girl-hungry party monsters out to chase every and any opportunity for a potential hook-up. Because in real practical life, a smart guy knows the only thing that will get him is a dry wallet, mouth, and regrets - oh yea, and no girl.

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  1. I did too and the moment I started talking to iterrupt the person, she hung up on me- I tried twice and finally googled and found this site and others who have had the same problem- ONe time- I did was able to tell the person to stop calling and when I asked where they got my number, he hung up Just posted sum thing on Craig's list with no picture- Got a text within minutes saying "I'm interested in post,plz text back-" I text them back what did u want to know?