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I have dedicated my life to helping women create more self-love and confidencewhich is extremely important in dating.

Forced to leave Montserrat in a hurry to get out of the way of a cargo ship that wanted to anchor in our spot, we set sail unprepared for our next destination.

As we sail out of…For more tactics like the No Contact Rule, click here: ▼▼▼ CONTINUE BY CLICKING “SHOW MORE” BELOW ▼▼▼ OK, so here’s the deal…

The No Contact Rule is one of the most powerful techniques in dating. If you master the No Contact Rule then you’ll have a powerful edge in dating and relationships.…“Epic Bail,” “Not a Prescription for Dating,” and “A Parent’s Perspective” are short films created through research on prescription drug misuse for a community-wide campaign, called LEAD BY EXAMPLE, to reduce underage drinking and teens’ abuse of prescription drugs in West Hartford, Connecticut.

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