Accommodating students with dyslexia

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Accommodating students with dyslexia

In this current globalized world where being able to speak a second or even a third language is often important for one’s progress in life, I strongly believe it would be incredibly unfair to deprive dyslexic students of equal opportunities in education from learning a foreign language in a modern classroom setting.

Language teachers have a responsibility to provide the help, attention, and encouragement a dyslexic learner may need to compensate for any deficits that they may have (Ranaldi, 2003).For learners who are anxious about the amount of work to be completed, the teacher can remove redundant pages from workbooks to present smaller assignments.This technique prevents learners from becoming disheartened or anxious by the amount of work that a workbook offers (Ibid).A differentiated classroom facilitates the accommodation of different learner capabilities, needs and learning styles; the goal being to put whatever resources are available and teacher time to best use for all students in the classroom.But, can a differentiated classroom successfully accommodate language learners with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia?

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Depending on the aim of a class activity, it may be beneficial to group or pair learners with different skills together (Kormos & Smith, 2012).

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