Accommodating all students

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Accommodating all students

Another method that is used is the formation of reading groups within a that divide students into groups according to their level.The problem of student differences has even led to the suggestion of the use of complete individualized instruction, which has been demonstrated using programs and computer based instruction. The basic idea behind it is to make sure that all students have learned the skills that they need before moving onto the next level.If you think accommodations may help your child, talk to her teacher. If your child needs bigger changes, however, you may want to seek formal accommodations.Under federal law, kids with disabilities have the right to equal access to learning.

The accommodation simply helps her work around her challenges.Some ways to give individualized instruction: * Peer tutoring: Students can help one another learn.There are two types of tutoring - cross age tutoring (an older student tutors a younger) and same age tutoring (a student tutors a class mate).Students who failed to meet the pre-established criteria following a lesson were given extra corrective instruction until they could master the skills.It could be given outside of regular class time such as recess or after school.

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Fortunately, there are changes in the classroom—called accommodations—that can remove these barriers.