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Then, I set the form's Recordsource to an empty string ("") in order to disconnect it from the data. Then, I set the form's Recordsource back to the value saved in the String variable, reestablishing the binding and allowing it to pick up the new value(s) in the table.

In the form: 2 Missing primary key or timestamp Make sure the SQL-Server table has a primary key as well as a timestamp column.

The original poster's response was extremly helpful and was indeed the source of much of my issues.

I also ran into this issue when i accidently added a bit field with a space in the fieldname... I had run alter table tablename add [fieldname ] bit default 0.

Described here under pitfall #4 I wrote an SQL script to alter all bit fields to NOT NULL and provide a default - zero in my case.

Just execute this in SQL Server Management Studio and paste the results into a fresh query window and run them - its hardly worth putting this in a cursor and executing it.

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When I would add a record to a table linked via the MS Access 2003 the database window an error would be returned unless I specifically set the bit field to True or False.

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